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Sincere. Approachable. Inquisitive.

Basil Cahusac de Caux is Assistant Professor of Sociology with a specialization in the sociology of higher education, postgraduate research, and sociology of language. With an h-index of 6 and over 200 citations, Basil is an accomplished academic researcher in his field. He is also an active peer reviewer for scholarly journals, and his work is indexed in the WHO COVID-19 Research Database. His most recent publications appear in Contemporary Sociology and Social Identities.

Basil has over six years of experience teaching undergraduate Sociology and Research Methods courses, including Introductory Sociology (1st year), Contemporary Society (2nd year), Social Institutions and Power (3rd/4th year), Social Issues in the Media (3rd/4th year), and Technology and Research Methods (all year groups). He has also presented at numerous conferences around the world, including in the UK (Oxford University, Manchester University), Australia (ANU, Monash University), and Japan (Tohoku University, Daito Bunka University).

Aside from his academic contributions, Basil has also been involved in university service, including policy formulation, committee work, conference steering, seminars, and workshops. He is the lead editor of "Research and Teaching in a Pandemic World: The Challenges of Establishing Academic Identities during Times of Change," published by Springer Nature in 2022 and described by Monash University through a media release.

Basil's commitment to community service is evident through his role as President of TransCollaborate, a not-for-profit organization that uses collaborative translation to support migrants in Australia. His passion for both academic and community engagement is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

Overall, Basil Cahusac de Caux is a respected academic researcher, an experienced teacher, an active peer reviewer, a dedicated community servant, and a passionate advocate for the sociology of higher education, postgraduate research, and sociology of language.

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​Basil's academic publications have significant relevance in the field of sociology of education, higher education, and language. His contributions to well-respected journals such as Contemporary Sociology, Social Identities, Reflective Practice, Language Problems and Language Planning, and Studies in Continuing Education have shed light on important issues such as educational inequality, the impact of policies on educational outcomes, language policy and practice in society, and the challenges facing doctoral students. Basil's research in the International Journal of Doctoral Studies adds to his expertise in the field and has been indexed in the WHO COVID-19 Research Database. Additionally, his editorial contributions to two books on the sociology of higher education demonstrate his ability to synthesize and analyze complex ideas, making his publications an important contribution to the sociology of higher education. Overall, Basil's publications have significant relevance and contribute to the ongoing conversation in the sociology of education, higher education, and language.

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Learning and discovery have always been at the heart of Basil's teaching philosophy.

Passion, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity are the driving forces behind my teaching practice. As an Assistant Professor of Sociology, I believe that students learn best when they are engaged and interested in the subject matter. That's why I strive to bring my own passion and enthusiasm for sociology into the classroom, creating an atmosphere of excitement and intellectual curiosity. By inspiring my students with my own enthusiasm for the subject, I aim to ignite their own passion for learning and discovery. I believe that fostering a love of learning is essential for students to achieve their full potential and succeed in their academic and professional lives.

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Autumn 2016 - Winter 2018

This course delves into case studies of the social and political structures of Asian nations and communities. It motivates students to analyse individual and group experiences in various parts of the region. Students trace issues such as language policy, educational meritocracy, and regulatory capture across time and space, in ways that allows them to grasp the changing yet pervasive role that social institutions and power play in shaping life in Asia.




Academic Translation

Translated numerous sections of a previously untranslated government report of one of the first Japanese missions to Australia during the Meiji Era. The report details the commercial and sociopolitical climate of Australia's territories during the mid-to-late-19th century and provides a fascinating glimpse of nascent views of Australia held by Japanese officials.



Professional Translation

Headed a team of multilingual translators who produced content for the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup from Rio de Janiero. This six-week assignment included localisation of social media content, interviewing tourists and locals, and working simultaneously in four different languages to create and disseminate rich content for football fans across the globe.

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